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Your Leading Supplier of Fiber Material .

Wellele is committed to providing one-stop solutions for NEMA laminate fiber materials to OEM/ODM customers.

We have fiber material laminate board hot presses, crushers, tube rollers, sanders, laser perforators, molding machines, die cutters, and heaters , as well as thermoforming machines that produce electrical sheet tubing made from, for example: vulcanized fiber fish paper G10 FR4 G5 G9 GPO3 fiberboard tubing, rod gaskets for electronics, and industrial grade micro tubing .We can also assist in consolidated sourcing of insulation materials for high voltage electrical, engines, medical equipment, food equipment and other applications.

Customize Any Fiber material laminate Sheet washer thin wall wound tubing for Your Project.

Through our fabrication services, Wellele is fully capable of customizing any fiber material laminated sheet tubing gaskets etcs. We can manufacture to your specific design, shape, size, finish, thickness and more. Our engineers can customize your order with the following services and processes:

Wellele use laser cutting technology for simple and precise sheet cutting.
Wellele uses punching techniques to form perforations such as disk washers, gaskets, etc.Wellele offer hot pressing processes for laminating other such as MYLAY, polymerized polymers. Wellele utilizes different turning processes, grooving, taper threading processes, etc.

In addition, Wellele is an expert in the development and expansion of fiber board tubing to suit your specific needs in designing thin-walled and thickened designs that are resistant to temperature and voltage.

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Wellele - China professional arc quenching insulating board and tube and flexible plastic micro tubing processing.

Fast quotation. wellele offers production processing and sourcing of fiber materials used in the production of different products and components. We can provide different manufacturing processes including stamping, cutting, coiling, winding, heat-shrinking and so on. We are equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, such as vulcanized fiber, FR4/G10 Laminate fiber sheet with wall thickness from 0.2mm to 60mm, high pressure and high temperature resistant FUSE TUBE with wall thickness 0.5mm -80mm, Wellele has a strict quality inspection process before shipment.WELLELE also integrates a full range of customized processing services for the products it carries. Industries as diverse as electrical, power, motor, food, aerospace, automotive and construction can benefit from our Laminate fiber board tubing processing. If you need custom fiber sheet tubin processing services, choose WELLELE as your manufacturer!

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Hot presses, tube rolling mills, punching and cutting machines, forming machines, coiling machines, tube rolling machines with mylar, polishing machines, grinding machines。

You need large flat boards with smooth edges, rolled fiber, punched burr-free holes, and high-temperature and high-pressure resistant fuse tubes, tapered epoxy filament-wound tubes, or paper tubes compounded with high-performance materials with mylay, or insulated tubes and rods. other technologies and processes help us turn your needs into real products.


Why more than 300 customers trust us. Wellelle not only produces your products, but also supports you in customizing them for different environments to improve performance and reduce costs. But also supports you in customizing to fit different environments to improve performance and reduce costs. wellele has equity in several factories 10,000 square meters of factory space 20,000 square meters of factory space provides us with enough space to house all of our machines, assembly lines, and laboratory equipment. With 200 employees we have the manpower to support your design and meet your production requirements, fully certified we are ISO9001 certified. Some of our products have been certified by ISO , CE, UL ROSH SGS and so on. We have test reports for many different products.


You design it, we build it! WELLELE can customize the fiber and flexible plastic products you need from your drawings. Because of our comprehensive fiberboard tubing and flexible plastic microtubing capabilities, we can show you how to incorporate the right features into your product for your final application.

Custom fiberboard material tubing micro composite tubing fabrication for different industries. wellele can manufacture a wide range of fiberboard materials and components for your application, just send us your specifications and color drawings and we will provide you with the best quote!

Wellele have more than 28,000 square meters of factory space equipped with a variety of production facilities. With our professional in-house manufacturing design, we can match your final requirements. Our product designers can help you optimize your design for actual production and reduce costs before actual production. For example, if you think Batteries Motors tube Cartridges, only need high temperature resistance, we will suggest you to use insulated kraft paper tube or with mylar tube according to the actual need, instead of choosing vulcanized fiber tube, if you need to choose the machine panel, according to the actual requirement, we will recommend you to use FR4 board or phenolic cloth board or use vulcanized f. vulcanized fiber sheet Significantly reduce cost and improve delivery time Contact Our Team Now How we control the manufacturing quality We control the manufacturing quality from incoming inspection (IQC) of raw materials, in-process quality control (IPQC) of critical processes and outgoing quality control (OQC). All inspection activities are performed according to your drawings and test requirements.


20 years of experience in production and operation in the insulation series. We not only provide product related services, but also design solutions for your specific products.


Based on 20 years of customer use and quality improvement, we have a mature supply chain and perfect quality analysis and cost accounting to ensure you enjoy the best service in China.


Cost-effective products, fast and cheap logistics, a variety of convenient payment methods. Also offer free seo suggestions for your company website

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Frequently Asked Questions of wellele

We are a factory and trading aggregation company, participating in the purchasing sales and operating shares of Eight Laminate fiber material factories. We own most of the key technologies for products ranging from fiber raw materials to final fiberboard rods and gasket composite tubes.

The fiber material factories we work with are ISO9001:2015 certified, guaranteeing high quality standards. To ensure you receive top-quality products, we implement rigorous quality control measures including IQC (Inbound Quality Control), IPQC (In Process Quality Control), and OQC (Outbound Quality Control). Additionally, we conduct on-site visits to each factory at least five times a year to review their laboratory facilities and product testing data. This proactive approach not only prevents quality issues but also allows us to monitor post-sale product data for up to one year.”

Depending on the Laminate fiber material product, the typical production lead time is 1 week to 5 weeks. If your product needs specific color thickness and some special products with other fiber polyester material compound may need longer lead time. Please send us your drawings and our product manager will give you a realistic lead time and tell you why.

We are a stocked and customer oriented company with regular products based on our 20 years of experience. Basically, we will minimize your MOQ as much as possible.

General payment terms are deposit plus the balance before shipment to the company’s bank account by way of collection, I also support spot letter of credit . At the same time if you have long-term cooperation with Chinese suppliers we also support paypal, Alipay, Wechat and personal bank account payment.

If you need NEMA Laminate fiber material sheet tube rod washers catalog for a specific product, please contact us. Send your detailed request by email to sale@wellele.com .

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