Well Electric was founded in 2016 by Mr.wang and was originally the YOUNGMAN sales department of the Vulcanized fibre factory of Henan Sanhua Group. In 2000, YM expanded to other products as: laminate tube, flexible casing and electrical equipment, and then expanded to WELL in 2006 to produce and sell arc-extinguishing insulation tube rods, flexible sleeve series, and insulated laminate tube series. Well Electric provide you products according to your choice and we have a technical service support that really help you for choosing write product according to your problem and requirement. You really love it. You can also Contact Well Electric on Wellele Contact numbers and email. Let’s give it a chance!

About Well Electric, NEMA Industrial Laminates Composites Well Electric Manufacturer stocks almost all products with regular specifications in case of emergency for your spare parts needs. Whenever you need them, we can provide them to you in a simple and fast way with the shortest response time. At the same time, the mold supporting factory can quickly customize the exclusive mold for us to fit your needs. One order, lifetime right to use the same size mold, which will make you more profit! We can deliver the goods by air, sea or sea express at the same time for the fastest and most efficient delivery, minimizing your loss.


About Well ElectricFrom our first factory in Henan to the current Suzhou processing center dedicated to serving China and Fortune 500 companies, Well Ele has become a true domestic and international company that sells our products around the world. Well Ele has the right to speak on shareholding and cost quality control at major manufacturing plants. We have environmentally friendly ISO standards for the production of insulating sheet laminated GPO3 SMC FR4 G10 filament wound tubes rods and parts, vulcanized fibre sheet roll tube, G5/G9 Melamine sheet tube, PTFE /FIBERGLASS /PE/PP/FDP/ PU/PEBAX/POM tubes. Well Ele’s facilities are built with modern, high-speed equipment that provides low-cost, high-quality machined parts.

About Well Electric, We have supplied the electrical/electronic/electrical/medical industry with over 20 years of high quality insulation panels, assembly tubes, spools, inserts, composite tubes and gaskets in a variety of materials. Whether you need a few pieces or a few thousand pieces, we have the facilities and experience to produce a variety of insulated arc-extinguishing parts spacers for your products. Our products are designed to meet NEMA Grade Laminates. Applicable to electrical power, military and medical civilians. At the design time and production inventory, the customer’s needs are fully considered. Wanted to know more about Well Electric? visit fusestube our other brand.

Our fixed customers include ABB GE EATON SIBA HUBBLEE LITTLEFUSE SIMENS which is the largest manufacturer in China and internationally. All of this benefits from our extensive experience in many different types of materials, including high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, low cost, high temperature resistance, flame retardancy and U/L certified ROSH SGS ISO. Our best value pricing and experienced staff can help you solve problems, and our fast support, assistance, delivery and service have made our customers look back for many years. Benefits of working with us: Value doesn’t just mean low prices. Yes, our prices are extremely competitive, but it’s not just the price you pay, it’s the value of the money you make. When you buy from us, you will get the best value for money at a very attractive price. We will also assist you in expanding your market in your area based on our good cooperation in inventory, price, quality, potential customers, online sales design, etc.

If you have any questions or need any other engineering assistance, please feel free to call, fax or email sale@wellele.com, Wechart:clshoping


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