epoxy fiberglass tube process

How select Fuse?

Fuse selection process. How select Fuse Start→Safety certification→Shape and size→Rated voltage→Interrupting capacity→Preliminary selection of model→Determine upper rated current limit A1→Determine lower rated current limit A2→Specific model and current→Test→End. At present, the company specializing in manufacturing different types of fuse bodies in China is Suzhou Well Electric Co. www.wellele.com, If you […]

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fuse breaking ability?

What is the meaning of fuse breaking ability?

Fuse Breaking Ability Fuse Breaking Ability The fuse shall operate satisfactorily when the current between the conventional non-fusing current and the rated breaking capacity specified in the relevant standard is applied to the fuse. The expected fault current of the circuit in which the fuse is placed must be less […]

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construction of the fuse

What is the construction of the fuse?

Construction of the Fuse Construction of the Fuse, The general fuse consists of three parts: first, the fuse, which is the core of the fuse; second, the electrode, usually two, which is an important part of the fuse and circuit connection, it must have good electrical conductivity, should not produce […]

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