melamine tube EV Fuse

G5 G9 melamine tube – glass cloth melamine melting tube

the G5 G9 melamine tube by as name electric grade melamine glass cloth melting tube produced by new technology and special automation equipment has higher density, higher resistance to high temperature and arc, and has smooth appearance and good size consistency. At the same time, the melamine tube improves the processing efficiency, increases the output and reduces the cost.

well electric produces melamine glass cloth melting tube as G5 G9 melamine tube , which is more focused and professional. Welcome to inquire and order!

G5 G9 melamine tube Product application:
1、Used in electric vehicle and charging pile, NH low voltage fuse, American Standard Fuse, bs88 fuse, high voltage fuse, photovoltaic fuse, etc.
2、Electric vehicle battery system, battery control and protection system, DC pile system, power system protection and industrial control field.
3、It is used in high-speed rail vehicles, Metro locomotives, new energy vehicles, 5g launch base stations, advanced CNC machine tools, robots, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other industries.

G5 G9 melamine tube Product parameters:
Brand: WELL
Processing customization: Yes
Product appearance: smooth and smooth without burr
Arc resistance: 210
Long term temperature resistance: 180
Water absorption: 0.3
Density: 1.9 G5 G9 melamine tube

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