Guide of PE Heat Shrink Tubing

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PE heat shrinkable tubing is also a multi-purpose heat shrink tube type used in the industry with high-performance insulation and sealing properties. These are high-performing PE heat shrink tubing that are made to last in a variety of applications and environments, including but not limited to electrical, automotive and aerospace markets.

What Is PE Heat Shrink Tubing?

The PE heat shrink tubing refers to plastic tubing manufactured by the polyethylene resin, and also called the Polyethylene heat shrink tubing. The polymer is extruded and cross linked to give it better mechanical and thermal properties. The PE heat shrinking tube will shrink when it is thermally closed to the subject, and then use the principle to play the role of insulation, protection and sealing.

PE Heat Shrink Tubing Specifications:

1. Heat Shrink Feature: PE heat shrink tubing belong to heat shrink tubes, The tube size will change after heat shrinking. This feature allows them to stretch around odd shapes and contours that cause a snug and insulated fit.

2. Electrical Insulation: They are characterized by having excellent electrical insulation properties, so are widely used for example in wires, cables, and electronic components as an insulation across different applications.

3. PE heat shrink tubing: Over other kinds, PE heat shrink tubing more chemical resistance, they have resistance to acids, bases, solvents, and oil from the intended environment in which it is intended and an expected life cycle of survivability.

4. Creating this form of tubing maintains the components and extends the lifestyle of your device due to the fact they are shielded from abrasion, have an effect on water;line hose([…]

5. Corrosion resistance of weathering factors: PE heat shrinkable sleeve has good resistance to UV rays and outdoor environment and is suitable for outdoor construction.

6. Systems wide application: PE heat shrink tube system can be quickly installed for all kinds of casings, it is difficult to install PE heat shrink tubes by hot air blown or ovens.

Uses of PE Heat Shrink Tubing:

1. Electrical: Pt Heat riding a bicycle Shrink hoses are utilized bonnie beside thecompcapegrnt competitive ratev insulation of typewrite parthelion strandwiresnics in addition stripes, terminals, connect and cables. Some of the things that it can protect your truck against include dampness, erosion, and also help prevent short out.

2. Automotive and Aerospace – ROI busings form part of wire harnessing, cable management and component protection applications in automotive secondd aerspace industries. They deliver a solid blend of both performance and natural sound and can withstand all the heat and vibration found at the heart of the car.

3. The best example of its use is in plumbing and HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) where the tubes are used to solve the problem of leaks, seal joints, connections, or for repairs to pipes – for these works PE heat shrink tubes has no equal. This helps to avoid leakage and water sealing.

4. Telecom: PE heat shrinkable tube to replace the naked fiber to ensure corrosion-protection and waterproofing.

5. Pharmaceutical and Medical : In the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry it is employed as a protective sleeve and cap for medical instruments, devices and equipment. These meet the medical regulatory standards of use and serve to ensure sterility and protection.

6. Household DIY projects: used in crafts & DIY projects to decorate some decorations and labels, respectively classified objects. In additional to their aforementioned strengths, they also offer flexibility and a world of creative applicatioPE Heat Shrink Tubing Types

PE Heat Shrink Tubing Types Specifications & Voltage Level for Different Applications

About product description The most common type of PE heat shrink tubing, used for shrinking half of the shrink diameter to insulate and organize cables, cables, connectors and other items, therefore to protect wires from loss of insulation, causing short-circuit effects.

General specifications and the voltage levels for PE heatshrink tubing:

Specification (size):HD:char I (h-d):heat shrink outer diameter when not heat,generally of 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 19mm 25mm etc.

Wall Thickness: Heat Shrink Tubing Obverse and reverse wall thickness may act in some influence of the heat shrink tubing, and common wall thickness is 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm etc.

Shrinkage ratio: The amount by which heat shrink tubing shrinks after being heated. Shrinkage is normally 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 etc.

Low voltage: suitable for home and office wire protection, such as applications below 30V.

Medium Voltage– This operates only between 60V and 600V which are mainly Industrial Tools and hence in Automotive electric

HIGH VOLTAGE: Suitable for power transmission and distribution systems, such as applications over 600V 10KV ,15KV ,30KV ,35KV.

Color: Wellele custom color PE heat shrink tubing with many colors: red, black, blue, white yellow, green (even transparent) to indicate each wire or component.

Length:There two way of packaging heat shrink tubing: Standard Lengths and Cut in any required size 1 Meters or 2 Meters or 5 meters 20M ,100M ,200M etc.

Certification and standards: Wellele have achieve certain industry certifications/standards: UL, RoHS etc.

In addition, with the PE heat shrinkable sleeve, you should choose to take into account the voltage level of the application; insulation quality to be desired, mechanical protection to be exact and environmental factors, such as temperature range etc. Buyers should refer to a product manual or supplier datasheet when buying heat shrink tubing to ensure that it is suitable for a specific purpose.


Utilized in the electrical and sealing industries, PE heat shrink tubes are among the most multi-purpose heat shrink products widely employed. Several benefits that PE heat shrink tubes can give are – they can offer excellent electrical insulation properties, resistance to chemicals and are also easy to install which makes them a good choice for various applications at an affordable cost. The PE heat shrink tubes help to save and protect all types of equipment or components from the electrical, automotive, medical, to the DIY sector.

Whether you are looking for another fastening device for your next project, or just trying to keep things organized for the grand re-opening of your store, try the multipurpose of PE heat shrink tubes today!

Whether your business requires a solution for heat transfer or office supplies, PE heat shrink tubes are the safest option. Visit our online store to see the many products we offer and the dependable quality and performance that PE heat shrink sleeves can add to your project!

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