PVC Heat Shrink Tube

All you need to know about high voltage bus bar heat shrink tubing

Be main power supply line of the power distribution device (copper row, aluminum row are called bus bar), the branch line (branch row) from the bus bar on the lead down. That is, the power supply system, the total system switch in the electrical cabinet and the connection of the switch in each branch circuit copper or aluminum row, its surface has to do with insulation treatment. The main role is to do with the wire. But the bare bus bar will have safety problems, as well as its phase insulation spacing is too large to meet the design requirements and other reasons, a bus bar heat shrinkable sleeve was born.

This article provides you with all the information you need to know about busbar heat shrink tubing. You will learn about the uses of busbar heat shrink tubing, its components, how it works, and the different classifications of busbar heat shrink tubing.

What are the uses of bus bar heat shrink tubing?

  1. To eliminate short circuit faults caused by rats, snakes and other small animals.
  2. To prevent the corrosion of the bus bar by chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt.
  3. To prevent accidental injury caused by accidental entry of maintenance personnel into the energized gap.
  4. Adapt to the development trend of miniaturization of switchgear.
  5. Solve the problem of inter-phase insulation of busbars.

How does the busbar heat shrink tube work?

The heat-shrinkable tube is heated to a high elastic state during production, a load is applied to make it expand, and it is rapidly cooled to a glass state while maintaining expansion, and this state is fixed. As soon as it is heated in use, it will change back to the high-elastic state, but then the load is gone and it has to retract. Simply put, it’s like pulling a rubber band apart and freezing it, and then the next time you heat it up, it shrinks back. Only this “rubber band” only at high temperatures like a rubber band, a room temperature “frozen”.

Precautions when buying female heat shrinkable tube




The caliber should be moderate, of course, the wall thickness after shrinkage is thicker, the insulation performance is better, generally now the specifications provided by the manufacturer is suitable for most of the bus bar products


Generally are red, yellow and green, but there are other colors, very few, such as black bus bar heat shrinkable tube.

What is the importance of the female heat shrinkable tube?

1, soft, low smoke, high strength, because the bus bar in use may need to bend, in order to ensure that the heat-shrinkable tube and bus bar completely fit, so it must have the characteristics of soft and high strength.

2, uniform wall thickness, no bias wall, all heat shrinkable tubes are made of new materials, without adding back materials, advanced technology to avoid the occurrence of bias wall phenomenon, affecting product performance.

3, resistance to electric carbon traces, in order to prevent the surface of the product creepage, leakage, short circuit through the wall, fire and other dangers, so the need for insulation materials with the ability to resist electric carbon traces.

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