high voltage electric vehicles EV fuse

EV fuse Recently we are announcing a line of surface-mount fuses rated 1500A for high voltage vehicles up to 350VAC or 450/500VDC

 The NANO2 885 series fuses are designed to protect electric vehicles EV fuse from severe fault/short-circuit electrical shocks.

the smallest size on the market for 450/500VDC EV fuse automotive applications

 Current ratings for the 885 series range from 1A to 5A.

NANO2™ 885 Series 500VDC Fuses

Typical automotive applications for 885 series fuses include EV fuse.

Lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles EV fuse

Battery Management System (BMS)

induction line

Car Charger

High voltage DC/DC converters

The 855 series fuses offer the following key advantages.

Rated DC voltage up to 500VDC and rated breaking current up to 1500A for electric vehicles.

/ short-circuit current protection.

Suzhou Well Electric Co., Ltd  is one of the majority of companies supplying these fuses to the country and to various countries.

If you are interested in such fuse you can email us at sale@wellele.com or call us on +8615950042209 for more details!

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