Fiber Sanding Disc

How is good Fiberglass sanding disc PK red vulcanized paper sanding disc?

Fiberglass Sanding Disc

Compared with the traditional red vulcanized paper sanding disc, glass fiber sanding discs are more complicated to process, high cost, and low output, but the advantages are obvious:

1. Anti-clogging, dust discharge, heat discharge fast. Glass fiber matrix has a lot of fine holes, although on the glue planted on the sand After the fine pores become smaller, but still have a very strong resistance to blocking chip and heat dissipation capacity.

2. Can grind and plan. The traditional red vulcanized paper sanding disc can only grind but not cut if cutting is very dangerous. Fiberglass sanding discs are different and can do the light cutting, just like cutting blades.

3. High strength. The matrix of traditional red vulcanized paper sanding disc is vulcanized fiber, the strength is not as strong as the strength of glass fiber + resin glue matrix.

4. Good weather resistance. Temperature and humidity have almost no effect on the use of glass fiber sanding discs, red vulcanized paper sanding disc are different, especially the humidity has a greater impact on the strength of the matrix

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