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How to choose PE and PVC heat-shrinkable tubing?

Thermally shrinkable sleeve is divided into PVC thermally shrinkable sleeve, PE thermally shrinkable sleeve, PTFE thermally shrinkable sleeve, PVDF thermally shrinkable sleeve, EPDM thermally shrinkable sleeve, etc., among which PE thermally shrinkable sleeve is close to PVC thermally shrinkable sleeve. Today, we will analyze whether PE thermally shrinkable sleeve is better than PVC thermally shrinkable sleeve.
PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve how to choose? First, compare the material itself:
On the name, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, PE is polyethylene; On the price, PVC cheap, PE expensive; In terms of performance, it is not heat resistant (some people have changed the molecular structure of PE, namely PEX and PERT, which can withstand high temperature). In application, PVC is more widely used, and PVC cheap, PE is far less widely used; On sanitation performance, PVC because have chlorine, can release chlorine gas when heating, produce reaction with the water in air, produce hydrogen chloride gas, toxic to human body, and PE contains hydrocarbon two kinds of elements only, sanitation is not poisonous

PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve how to choose? Comparison of finished products: PE heat shrinkable sleeve is made of a special polyolefin material, also known as EVA material. PE heat shrinkable sleeve performance: with low temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation corrosion prevention function. Widely used in various wire harness, welding spot, inductance insulation protection, sealing anticorrosion, metal tube, rod rust, corrosion prevention. The voltage grade is 600V. The product temperature resistance 105℃ to 135 ℃ is common, in line with RoHS environmental protection standards, flame retardant, polymer materials with the temperature from low to high to experience the glass state – high elastic state, glass state performance close to plastic, high elastic state performance close to rubber. PE thermally shrinkable sleeve materials at room temperature is glass state, heating into a high elastic state.

PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve has the special function of shrinkage when heated to 98℃ or above, which is easy to use. Products according to the temperature resistance is divided into 85℃ and 105℃ two series, products in line with the European Union RoHS environmental protection directive. Used for electrolytic capacitor, inductance, high temperature resistance, no secondary shrinkage, can be used for printing. Used for charging battery monomer, combination packaging, and for the design, printing patterns, and can be cut for customers. Used for all kinds of curtain rod, shower curtain rod, hanging rod, mop rod, broom handle, tool rod, extension rod, garden tools, support rod and other tubular items outsourcing. And can be used for low voltage indoor bus copper bar, connector, wire harness identification, insulation outsourcing. High efficiency, low equipment investment, low overall cost. Used for lighting, LED pin packaging, guitar, packaging bottle mouth package, is a new generation of packaging materials. It can be used for civilian, vehicle or military purposes. So speaking comprehensively, PE heat-shrinkable sleeve is better in terms of temperature resistance and environmental protection. PVC heat-shrinkable pipe is more widely used and its price is lower than PE heat-shrinkable sleeve. Its main use and application field are also gradually different. Relative to PE heat-shrinkable sleeve is better, but specific problem specific analysis, heat-shrinkable sleeve no matter which kind of material is used in different fields depends on the actual occasion, its good or bad can not be the same.

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