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Important barrier for circuit protection – fuse – melamine tube

Circuit security is usually accomplished by a combination of circuit control devices and circuit protection devices. Circuit control devices mainly include mechanical switches and electronic switches, which are used to control the circuit and keep the circuit on or off. Circuit protection devices are mainly divided into three categories: overcurrent, overvoltage and overheat protection. Circuit protection devices are installed in the circuit, when the circuit overcurrent, overvoltage or overheating and other circumstances, automatically trigger the relevant functional parts of the fuse, sudden changes in resistance or other physical changes, so as to cut off the circuit or inhibit the sudden changes in current and voltage, to protect the circuit and electrical equipment role of a class of devices. Among them, the fuse belongs to the overcurrent protection devices.
Fuse is the circuit for overcurrent protection devices. When working, the fuse is connected in series in the circuit, the load current flows through the fuse. When the circuit is short-circuited or overloaded, the thermal effect of the overcurrent melts the fuse, vaporizes to produce a fracture, the fracture produces an arc, the fuse cuts off the fault circuit by extinguishing the arc, playing the role of circuit protection. The fuse is mainly composed of a fuse, arc extinguishing medium, M effect point, insulating shell, contact terminal and indicator.
The fault current is larger fuse with strong breaking capacity, fast, high current and other characteristics to provide more effective short circuit protection. The general fault current is small by the switch-type devices to protect, the fault current is larger by the fuse for protection. Short-circuit current amplitude, the need for large breaking capacity, current limiting capacity, breaking fast device protection, including high breaking capacity current limiting fuse due to its excellent high breaking capacity and limit the fault current energy performance, is the most effective and widely used large value short-circuit current protection devices. Fuse can provide the most effective large-value short-circuit current protection, with the overcurrent amplitude increases, the action time is greatly reduced, can be as low as 1ms below, current limiting capacity is obvious, through the energy value is almost constant, can effectively protect the circuit system safety; switch type protection device action time has a lower limit, generally difficult to low to 10ms below, with the overcurrent amplitude increases, through the fault energy value is exponentially With the increase of the overcurrent amplitude, the fault energy value through the exponential increase, their own safety and reliability dropped significantly, the circuit safety significantly reduced
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