Insulated Fiber Tube for Elecrical Insulation

At Wellele, we offer a wide range of essential products for various industries. Our Insulated fiber tubes are highly sought after for business applications. We are may of manufacturing a large quantity of exquisite insulated fiber tube as: vulcanized fiber liner ,insulate kraft paper tube ,epoxy fiberglass tube ,Gpo3 tube, Phenolic cloth tube etcs to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information!

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By selecting Wellele, you can look forward to forming strong and collaborative relationships. We take pride in offering premium Insulated fiber tubes that meet the highest standards, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the perfect Insulated fiber tubes that meet your specific needs.

VULCANIZED FIBER TUBE fishpaper sleeve

Vulcanized fiber tube

Vulcanised fibre tube Custom ID4mm to ID80mm,grey ,black ,red color .thin wall to thick to Cutting too short or length 1000mm.

PV Insert Epoxy Fiberglass

G10 Epoxy Fiber glass tube

G10 tube is a high-performance epoxy fiberglass tube with excellent electrical insulation properties and mechanical strength.Custom ID5mm to ID500mm

thin wall G10 tubing filament wound

Thin wall Filament wound G10 FR4 tubing

Thin-walled G10 FR4 epoxy tubing has excellent mechanical, electrical insulation and chemical resistance properties.

kraft paper tube with mylar

small Kraft paper tube

Custom small thin wall kraft paper tube for fuse link motor etcs with mylar ,Kraft paper with mylar by different color .thickness 0.15mm to 2mm

gpo-3 tube

GPO3 tube

GPO-3tube Round Square Commonly used for insulation and support of electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, switchgear, etc. ID 5mmto ID200mm . Thickness 0.5mm to10mm


Phenolic cloth tube

Phenolic tube consists of layers of phenolic resin and fiberglass cloth cross-laminated together.Custom ID2mm to ID50mm ,thickness 0.5mm to 5mm.It can effectively protect electrical components from damage.

Wellele: Provider of High-Quality Insulated Fiber Tubing Solutions

With over two decades of experience, Wellele possesses extensive expertise and ample resources in manufacturing fiber tube items. Our custom fiber tube are highly sought after due to our wide range of options that cater to various business needs. Our products are made from top-notch materials that are long-lasting and of excellent quality. We ensure customer satisfaction with our products, all crafted from SGS /UL raw material

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Customized Insulated Fiber Tubing to Up You Influence

vulcanized fiber Phenolic Wear Ring kraft paper rings

vulcanized fiber Phenolic Wear Ring kraft paper wear rings

We customize vulcanized fiber Phenolic Wear Ring kraft paper rings OD0.15″ ,OD0.3″ ,OD0.4″

phenolic cage bearing phenolic Convolute-Wound-Tubes -

Phenolic Split wear ring Phenolic cloth rings

Custom Mico Thin wall vulcanizd fiber sleeve and working for your Fuse links or motor or handle etcs.


GPO-1 ,GPO2 ,GPO-3 Custom Shapes

GPO-1 ,GPO2 ,GPO-3 shapes: strip,Rod ,tube,channel ,beam . .process:cut ,drill ,spray paint etcs .

EPOXY FIBER DOG BONE triangular shaped tube

Filament wound fiberglass tube

epoxy fiberglass tube part Dog bone ,and triangular shaped tube .

mylar Rocket_Motor_Mount_Tubing_armatures__polyester_composites_paper_tube

Mico thin wall kraft paper tube with mylar

We customize mico thin wall kraft paper tube with mylar . ID3.5mm to ID10mm wall o.1mm

The insulated fiber tube Complete FAQ Guide

In the power industry, choosing the right insulating pipe is critical. We need to first understand the properties, uses and differences between insulating tubes made of various raw materials (e.g. fiberglass, GPO-3, epoxy resin, phenolic cloth, kraft paper) are crucial for insulation protection of electric motors, transformers and other equipment. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide for purchasers in the transformer, motor, and power industries to help them gain an in-depth understanding of the various insulating tube materials so they can make an informed choice.

1. Fiberglass Tubing
Characteristics : With excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, it is one of the common insulating pipe materials.
Uses : Suitable for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance, such as motor insulation and electrical equipment insulation.

2. GPO-3 Pipe
Characteristics : GPO-3 is an epoxy resin reinforced phenolic paper adhesive material with excellent electrical insulation properties and heat resistance.
– Uses : Widely used in electric equipment, switchgear and other fields, especially suitable for occasions requiring high temperature and electrical resistance.

3. Epoxy fiber tube:
Characteristics: With excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength, it is a common insulating material.
– Uses : Suitable for electrical equipment requiring good corrosion resistance and mechanical protection.

4. Phenolic Cloth (Phenolic Cloth tube):
– Characteristics: Phenolic Cloth has good mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties, suitable for high temperature environment.
Uses: Commonly used in the need for heat and impact resistance equipment insulation, such as motor coil wrapping.

5. kraft paper (Kraft Paper):
– Characteristics: Kraft paper has excellent insulating properties and mechanical strength, is a common insulating material.
– Uses : Widely used in transformers, insulating mats and other electrical equipment, to provide reliable insulation protection for the circuit.

Consider the use : According to the working environment and working temperature of the equipment to choose the right insulating pipe material.
– Voltage Resistance Requirements Select the appropriate insulating material according to the voltage and current strength to be withstood.
Material durability : Select the material that meets the durability requirements, taking into account the required life span of the pipe and the operating environment.

1. Customization : Original paper and color made from cotton pulp.
2. Chemical treatment:
Impregnation or soaking of cellulose pulp in a solution containing a catalyst, usually zinc chloride, to initiate the vulcanization process.

3. board molding:
-The impregnated pulp is made into flat sheets using a papermaking process, similar to the production of vulcanized fiberboard. The thickness and size of the sheet depends on the desired size of the final tube.

4. roll forming :
-Once the flat sheets are dried, they are rolled around mandrels or cylinders to form them into tubes. The diameter of the mandrel determines the inner diameter of the tube.

5. Pressing and vulcanizing: After measuring the wall thickness according to the heat shrinkage ratio
The rolled pipe is heated and pressurized several times to bond the layers of vulcanized fibers together and complete the vulcanization process. This step ensures that the pipe maintains its shape and structural integrity.

6. Trimming and finishing:
After vulcanization, the end of the pipe can be trimmed to the desired length using a cutting tool.
-The pipe may be subjected to additional finishing processes such as sanding, coating or calendering to obtain the desired surface finish and properties.

7. Quality Control:
Quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the pipe conforms to the required specifications in terms of size, thickness, strength and other properties.

8. Packaging:
Once the vulcanized fiber pipe is completed and inspected, it will be packaged and ready for distribution to customers

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