melamine tubing

melamine canes tubing G5 G9 application

melamine canes tubing G5 G9 application :

Melamine tube body on the electric vehiclee body on the electric vehicle and charging pile with fuse, NH low-voltage fuse, American standard fuse, BS88 fuse solar DC fusible pv .melamine fuse tube Suzhou make and sales of melamine fuse tube was applied in electric vehicles and charging pile, NH low-voltage fuse, fuse, American standard BS88 fuse, HV,MV,LV fuse, photovolt aic electric vehicle battery systems such as fuse, battery control protection system, dc charging pile, such as system, power system protection and industrial control field.

The melamine canes is high in H – class high temperature and arc resistant tubing in the fuse, for example: 125Vdc, 220Vdc, 500Vdc, 660Vdc.500V/690V/750V/1000V 6a-800a, SOLAR DC FUSE, 1000V/1250V/1500V ,SOLAR gPV yrppv -30 10A 30A 15A 1000V, etc.

Melamine canes  body of fuse protection products are widely used in the circuit In power grid, railway locomotive, a new photovoltaic energy, wind energy, electric cars, rectifier, inverter, and iron and steel, large engineering machinery and other industries.Welcome contact for more consultation on the melamine canes .

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