melamine tubing

Melamine tube for EV SOLAR FUBE making process

The G5 /G9 melamine tube for EV SOLAR FUBE making is: at a certain temperature, a special melamine glass fibre cloth is pressed onto the mould and slowly rolled on the core, after completion, the rolled tube is placed in the oven together with the mould and cured at high temperature for each temperature stage set at different thicknesses (approx. 1 hour,) the base curing is then cured in a high pressure high temperature integrated mould core for approx. 3 to 5 hours .

Each Melamine tubes mould can produce rough tubes from 500mm to 1000mm long. (This process takes up a significant amount of time per set of moulds and integrated cores). After cooling, the core is removed and the outer surface, grooves, etc. are machined to the customer’s specifications. (depending on the current production job queue time schedule).

Making melamine tube finish times and moulds :

For example, if an order of 10,000 pieces Melamine tubes of the same size is required for a grooved tube with ID5mmOD7.8mm90mm and 300 pieces of 1000mm long moulds are in stock, the delivery time for this order would be approximately one week.

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