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All you need to know about melamine tubes

Melamine tubes are made from a continuous glass weave substrate impregnated with a melamine resin binder. Melamine is the hardest of all laminates and exhibits good dimensional stability and arc resistance, and is also corrosion resistant. We are the leading expert in manufacturing melamine insulation tubes in China.

This article provides you with all the information you need to know about melamine tubes. You will learn about the uses of melamine tubes, how they work, and the different classifications of melamine tubes.

What are melamine tubes used for?

Melamine tubes have high strength, excellent arc resistance and electrical insulation properties, and can be used for mechanical support of electrical equipment, switchgear and slot wedges that require Class B insulation.

Precautions when buying melamine tubes

*By material

G5 melamine pipe

G9 melamine tube

What are the special applications of melamine tubes?

*Electric car auto fuse

*Fuses for photovoltaic and communication industry.

What is the importance of G-9 melamine tube?

G-9 is a laminate consisting of a flame retardant melamine resin and a woven glass fiber substrate. The two melamine sheets are very similar, and the G-9 material is better adapted to harsh environments than G5. In most cases, G9 can replace G5.

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