Double Wall Heat Shrink Tube

Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is manufactured by co-extrusion of Polyolefin and meltable adhesive. It is designed to provide insulation and create a tight seal for protected articles.


Double Wall Heat Shrink Tube


Meets UL class of high temperature integrated tube compatible AMS-DTL = 23053/5 and UL 224 , CAN / CSA C22.2 NO198.1 -99

Heat shrink ratio: 2:1

Low smoke generation, flexible, flame retardant

Min. shrink temperature:84°C

Min. Full recovery temperature:120°C

Continuous operating temperature : -55°C ~ 150°C

RoHS compliant

Standard colors: Black. More colors are available upon request.

Technical Data

PropertiesTypical DataTest Method
Tensile strength≥10.4MPaASTM D 2671
Elongation≥200%ASTM D 2671
Tensile strength after heat aging≥7.3MPa180℃×168h
Elongation after heat aging≥100%180℃×168h
Longitudinal change-5%~+5%ASTM D 2671
FlammabilityVW-1ASTM D 2671 C
Voltage withstand(Rated voltage 600V)2500V,1min, without breakdownUL 224
Heat shockNo cracking, no drippingUL 224,250℃×4h
Dielectric strength≥15kV/mmASTM D 149
Volume resistivity≥1014Ω.cmIEC 60093