Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers

Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers | SMC GPO3 VULCANZIED FIBER WAHSERS die cutting- punching-stamping


Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers

Epoxy Glass G-10 FR-4 Washers die-cutting- punching-stamping
FR4 G10 SMC GPO3 VF insulation piece processing technology customization:
1. Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers drilling,
This is a common way of processing, PCB circuit board factory whether PCB test fixture, or PCB post-processing after “drilling”, larger PCB factory usually owns a drill, drill room usually close touch with fixtures, and drill room work also is not an easy job but is relatively free, usually used drill room supplies and equipment is a special drill, drill, colloidal particles, wood plate, aluminum plate, etc., bit loss and huge losses in the plate, a lot of small companies usually supply drill mouth in a factory and milling cutter is making a fortune;
Another way of common drilling as well as an LED lampshade to new retainer insulation piece, LED energy-saving industry in recent years as received, and is composed of many small lights, LED application field of this characteristic makes insulation board widen again, usually LED retainer insulation parts processing methods are drilling and gong to form a circle, the processing method is simpler, huge market, but is characterized by the grade is not high, and the profit is low;

2. Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers Computer gong
Computer gong is the Guangdong and Hong Kong term, the popular point is CNC or CNC, there are also called the machining center, is actually a mean, computer gong functions are very strong, it is divided into flat and inclined plane (or surface), relatively small lot cant category, and the plane of the computer gong is very broad, such as insulation gasket, insulation lever, swimming star wheel and other small mechanical parts used is to use a computer gongs processing epoxy board, the computer gong’s greatest characteristic is flexible, fast, powerful, is currently the best and the most commonly used processing way;

3. Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers cutting
This is the most common on the market is the most common way of processing, general stores have a cutting machine cutting plate, which usually is coarser, big can be controlled within 5 mm of tolerance, is scary, I have seen a lot of Dongguan do epoxy board stores or companies, for about 5 years above companies still use Angle iron welded cutting machine cutting, Dongguan claims to be made, is indeed a miraculous, this way there is no technical content, but sometimes quite profitable, such as the calculation is normal sometimes one half is cutting is 8 zhang, have a little waste, but there are stores that sell plate method is a piece of plate cutting 10 xiao zhang, if large quantity, it is profitable;

4. Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers Milling machine/lathe
This machining way out product, usually components such as products, because most of the milling machine and lathe is used in metal parts processing, but the ordinary milling machine and lathe processing speed is one big characteristic, so if by this way of epoxy plate processing, the life of the company will sell at a discount greatly, but being a fixture, the two devices is essential, that is to say, if the processing thickness thicker epoxy plate, milling machine, and lathe are choices;

5. Epoxy Glass G 10 FR 4 Washers Engraving machine
The computer engraving machine consists of three parts: computer, engraver controller, and engraver. Its working principle is: through a computer configuration in the special engraving software to carry on the design and layout, and the design and layout of the information by computer automatically to carving machine controller, and then by the controller can convert the information to drive stepper motor or servo motor with a power signal (burst), control engraving machine host generation X, Y, Z three axes carving knife subgrade diameter. At the same time, the engraving machine engraving head spins, by processing materials configuration tool, for fixed on the host workstation’s processing materials for cutting, carving it out in the computer design of various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to realize the automatic carving homework.FR4 G10 SMC GPO3 VULCANISED FIBER WASHERS die-cutting- punching-stamping FR4 G10 GPO3 WASHER