G5 G9 melamine tube

G5 G9 glass Melamine Tube

Melamine Tube Key.
– NEMA G5 and G9 glass-reinforced formaldehyde.
– High curvature and alkali resistance
– G9 is more environmentally resistant than G5.
– Custom lengths 20“ and 40” available
-SGS UL certified
-Partner to build your own line for lower costs and faster delivery

G9 G5 melamine Tubes for EV PV VT fuse tube

Advantage:Medium voltage fuse, new energy electric vehicle, photovoltaic fuse, electrical equipment, switch cabinet, slot wedge

Benefit: used as a mechanical support in electrical equipment, switchgear, and slot wedges where Class “B” insulation

Product Feature: G9 G5 melamine Tubes, The Melamines are the hardest of laminates, exhibiting good dimensional stability and arc resistance. It’s also caustic resistant. This grade tube is composed of a continuous glass woven cloth base impregnated with a melamine resin binder. Melamines are the hardest of all laminates, exhibiting good dimensional stability and arc resistance. It is also caustic resistant G-9 is a laminate sheet comprised of flame retardant melamine resin and woven fiberglass glass substrate. The two melamine sheet materials are very similar except that the G-9 material has higher resiliency to harsh and adverse environments than the G5. In most cases, the G-9 can be substituted for the G-5. (Melamine resins, once cured, are the hardest, most rigid, and abrasion resistant of the standard resins employed in the production of industrial laminates. However, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can adversely affect its mechanical and electrical strength properties. Arc resistance, however, may remain unaffected despite excessive thermal exposure.) A key difference between NEMA Grades G5 and G9 is that G9 is more resistant to the elements of the environment. Thus, G9 can be safely substituted where G5 is called for NEMA G-5 MIL-I-24768/8 GMG, IEC 608 93-3 Type 3 MF GC 201, Normal temperature 180C, highest temperature: 260C 20 minutes, instant temperature 460C.

G9 G5 melamine Tubes

G9 G5 melamine Tubes

Melamine G5/G9 tube body on the electric vehicle and charging pile with fuse, NH low-voltage fuse, American standard fuse, BS88 fuse solar DC fusible PV .melamine fuse tube Suzhou www.wellele.com make and sales of melamine fuse tube was applied in electric vehicles and charging piles, NH low-voltage fuses, fuses, American standard BS88 fuses, HV, MV, LV fuses, photovoltaic electric vehicle battery systems such as fuse, battery control protection system, dc charging piles, such as system, power system protection and industrial control field.

The melamine tube is high in H – class high temperature and arc resistant tubing in the fuse, for example: 125Vdc, 220Vdc, 500Vdc, 660Vdc.500V/690V/750V/1000V 6a-800a, SOLAR DC FUSE, 1000V/1250V/1500V ,SOLAR gPV yrppv -30 10A 30A 15A 1000V, etc.

Arc-extinguishing fuse tubes types:
G5/G9 melamine glass tubes
vulcanized fiber tubes
Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

G5/G9 melamine glass tubes SGS

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Why Wellele's G5 G9 Melamine Tube?

WELLLE provides you with low-cost prototype samples melamine foam tube for testing and approval, ensuring that the product meets the requirements before proceeding with large-scale order production.

G5 G-9 Glass Melamine is a composite laminated material made of continuous fiber glass cloth and melamine resin adhesive. It has fire-resistant and arc resistant characteristics, high mechanical strength, electrical insulation performance, and moisture resistance, and is suitable for electronic or electrical applications in humid environments.

G-5 G-9 Glass Melamine has good mechanical properties under wet or damp conditions and is commonly used in the fields of electronics or electrical engineering. Common applications include arc partitions, circuit breaker components, building insulation, motor wedge blocks, switch boards, terminal boards, etc

Yes, Melamine Foam Tube can be customized with specifications according to customer needs, including inner diameter, outer diameter, length, and special shapes.

Customers can contact our team to provide detailed specifications for the Composite Laminates Melamine Tube they need, and we will provide customized services according to their requirements.

The production cycle for customized specifications will be determined based on specific requirements, and a suitable delivery time will usually be negotiated with the customer.

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