Glass Melamine Sheet –G5 G9 3233

Wellele G5 G9 3233 Glass Melamine Sheet – a powerful combination of electrician’s alkali-free glass cloth and melamine-formaldehyde resin. With excellent arc resistance and dielectric properties, it’s the perfect choice for arc-resistant applications.
Available in 1mm to 20mm thickness and customizable non-standard sizes, White or Brow this natural-colored sheet can also be pigmented to meet your specific requirements. Upgrade your materials with our Glass Melamine Sheet today! Wellele also make melamine tube for fuse

You ask about G5 & G9 fiberglass melamine sheets:

It is much higher in strength(especially bending strength), hardness, heat resistance and dimensional stability than ordinary melamine board It can be used in higher temperature and harsher environment, and keep a good performance of electrical insulation. The basic distinction between G5 and G9 is the proportion of glass fiber that is present. In general, G9 has a greater content of glass fiber: about 65-70%, while G5 is about 50-60%. There are some properties of G9 are generally higher like strength, hardness, heat resistance etc when compared with G5.

It is a type ofsheets that are, often used as an electrical insulation material in electric motors. 1.Machined Fibersheets and 2. Cutting-edge technology fields like aerospace also use high end varieties. It is also applied to pipe line insulation structural materials and mechanical steel vacuum insulation structural materials used in transportation vehicles. For higher temperature and heavy-duty applications, G9 is also used for its superior performance.


Compared with ordinary melamine board, F5 and F9 itself high fiber glass content, in the process of machining (when cutting) there is a certain wear and tear, when choosing the right tool to be used. Also, in the process can produce some slag, then dust removal, personal protection.

G5 melamine can be used for a long time in environments from -40 ℃ to 130 ℃, while G9 has a maximum upper limit of up to 160 ℃, and some modifications also enable temperatures above 180 ℃.

The bending strength of G9 board may be more than 180MPa and the impact toughness also increased by over 50% as opposed to ordinary board. The second type of board has a volume resistivity and surface resistivity exceeding 108Ω· m, dielectric strength over 15kV/mm, which is an excellent electrical insulation material.

Typical dimensions are 1-20mm wide flat plates up to 2000mm x 1220mm. It is also possible to customize: various non-standard sizes. The board is in a natural shade of light yellow or gray white. Pigments can be added to produce other colors as per customer requirements.

Wellele melamine sheet can be machined, such as sawed, drilled, milled, polished and so on. It may also be hot processed i.e. hot pressing. But since the material is very hard, it will wear some time during the processing, so it needs to choose correct cutting tools and pay attention to dust removal and personal protection.

. Do not hold in the environment outside permissible temperature range for a long time.

.Avoid strong mechanical impact or repeat bending

.This is what keeps the glass dust from coming your way, plus you are going to want to be wearing a mask anyway because you do not want to inhale this stuff.

The cost will rely on the prefered amount, color and gauge of these items. The WELLELE stock is 1mm white G5 glass fiber reinforced melamine board. Please feel free to inquire

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