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Busbar Heat Shrink tubes

  • Wellele’s Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing is a customized and efficient solution for modern energy and electrical systems. Utilizing advanced material technology, this heat shrink tubing is designed to protect and insulate busbars, ensuring stable operation and long-term safety of electrical systems. It has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties, maintaining its structural and functional integrity even in extreme environments. Easy to install and cost-effective, this heat shrink tubing adapts to different busbar sizes, providing tight and uniform coverage, greatly simplifying installation and reducing maintenance costs. Whether in buildings, factories or new energy applications, our busbar heat shrink tubing is ideal for enhancing system reliability, efficiency and safet。

  • Wellele Busbar Heat Shrink tubes pressure resistance level can be divided into the following levels:

  • 1. General pressure resistance: ≤ 0.6KV
    2. Medium voltage: 0.6KV ~ 1.0KV
    3. High voltage: 1.0KV ~ 36KV
    4. Ultra-high withstand voltage: ≥36KV
    Different withstand voltage level, its ability to withstand voltage also varies. General voltage resistance applies to low-voltage appliances, medium voltage resistance applies to household appliances and general appliances, high voltage resistance applies to high-voltage appliances and power equipment, ultra-high voltage resistance applies to special occasions, such as nuclear power plants.

  • The correct choice of wellele Busbar Heat shrink Sleeve pressure resistance level:

  • The correct selection of heat shrinkable tubing voltage rating is very important to ensure the safe operation of the cable. The following points are the correct selection method:
    1. according to the operating voltage selection of the appropriate level of heat shrinkable tubing voltage;
    2. according to the use of the environment to select the appropriate heat shrinkable tube material, such as some harsh environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, radiation and other environments need to use special materials of heat shrinkable tube;
    3. according to the type and diameter of the wire to choose the appropriate heat shrinkable tube specifications to ensure that the heat shrinkable tube fit and safety and reliability;
    4. to use regular manufacturers of good quality, stable quality of heat shrinkable tubing.

  • Busbar heat shrink tubing parameters and samples for each voltage are available upon request!

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Why Wellele ' s Busbar heat shrink sleeve

WELLELE Manufacturing’s busbar heat shrinkable tubing is made of high quality insulating materials with excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, chemical resistance and good mechanical strength. The products are designed to meet the needs of special industrial environments to ensure the safe and stable operation of electrical equipment.

WELLELE’s busbar heat shrinkable tubing is designed with user convenience in mind, and can be installed manually, and some of the products also support rapid shrinkage technology, which eliminates the need for specialized tools and greatly simplifies the installation process. At the same time, WELLELE will provide detailed installation instructions and technical support to help users complete the installation correctly and quickly.

WELLELE offers busbar heat shrinkable tubing for a wide range of scenarios, including high-voltage and low-voltage busbars and indoor and outdoor installations. They are available in a wide range of sizes and models to match different sizes and shapes of busbars to meet diversified market needs.

For different application environments and needs, WELLELE produces a wide range of busbar heat shrinkable tubing, such as single-wall, double-wall, and built-in adhesive coated tubing, to suit different insulation and protection needs.

WELLELE, as a well-known brand in the industry, is committed to providing cost-effective products. They are widely recognized in the market for their competitively priced products while guaranteeing high quality products and services.

WELLELE’s busbar heat shrinkable tubing is manufactured in strict compliance with domestic and international industry standards and certification requirements, such as ISO certification, UL certification, etc., to ensure that the safety and reliability of the products meet international standards.

WELLELE provides a full range of technical support and professional after-sales service. From product selection, installation guidance to any technical advice during use, WELLELE will provide a professional service team to ensure that the user’s problems can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

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