Heat Shrink Terminations Cable Kits & Accessories

  • The WELLELE brand is dedicated to providing technologically advanced Heat Shrink Terminations Cable Kits & Accessories that offer safe and reliable connection solutions for power systems of all sizes. Our products are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure the stability and efficiency of power transmission. Whether it’s for industrial heavy-duty applications or commercial and residential power distribution, WELLELE’s heat shrink termination cable kits and accessories provide outstanding performance and long-lasting durability. Utilizing high quality materials and innovative technology, our products are not only easy to install, but also easy to maintain, meeting the market’s expectations for high reliability and high performance power connection needs. Choose WELLELE to add reliability to your power system.

Heat Shrink Terminations Cable Kits & Accessories

10kV Heat Shrink Termination Cable Kits and Accessories
Parameters: Typically designed for use in medium voltage distribution networks up to 10kV, suitable for maximum conductor cross sections of approximately 120mm² to 300mm².
Uses: Mainly used in urban and rural distribution systems to connect and terminate branch cables, making power distribution safer and more reliable.
11kV Heat Shrinkable Terminated Cable Kits and Accessories
Parameters: These are suitable for 11kV medium voltage cables and usually cover a slightly wider range to suit a wide range of cable designs.
Uses: Widely used for power distribution in industrial areas and large complexes to ensure efficient and stable power transmission.
15kV Heat Shrinkable Terminated Cable Kits and Accessories
Parameters: Suitable for 15kV voltage level, compatible with single or multi-core cables, available in different types of insulation materials such as XLPE or EPR.
Usage: Suitable for complex electrical systems including hospitals, schools and large commercial buildings, providing a high degree of electrical safety.
24kV Heat Shrink Termination Cable Kits and Accessories
Parameters: These kits are usually designed to accommodate a wider range of cable cross sections and higher system requirements with high compatibility.
Uses: Mostly used in underground cable systems, urban grid upgrades and large industrial parks to ensure the reliability of power distribution.
30kV Heat Shrinkable Termination Cable Kits and Accessories
Parameters: Designed for 30kV voltage, it needs to have excellent electrical insulation and durability.
Uses: Suitable for special industrial environments such as mining sites or offshore platforms where extra security and stability is required.
35kV Heat Shrink Termination Cable Kits and Accessories
Parameters: Designed for 35kV medium voltage cable systems, incorporating unique heat shrink technology to provide an extra layer of protection.
Uses: Commonly used in urban backbone grids and in industrial setups where high loads need to be transmitted.
36kV Heat Shrink Termination Cable Kit and Accessories
Parameters: Compatible with 36kV medium to high voltage cables, design requirements include high voltage insulation and resistance to environmental disturbances.
Purpose: Suitable for the connection of large power stations and substations to ensure efficient power transmission from the source to the distribution system.

Heat shrink terminated cable kits and accessories for each voltage class are carefully designed to meet the safety and performance requirements of the specific application. Selection of the correct kit is essential to ensure the stable operation of the power system. You can refer to WELLELE’s technical data sheets for the corresponding voltage as needed to ensure that the product you select is exactly right for your application.

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Transform your high-voltage cable connections with our premium RSN-35 Heat Shrink Termination Kit!

🔑 Key Features:

  • 📊 Rated for 35KV applications
  • 🌡️ Wide temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
  • 🎨 Available in red, yellow, and green
  • 🛡️ Advanced double ground technology
  • 🔬 Tested and certified by Wuhan Institute

Technical Specifications:

  • Complete Shrink Temperature: 105°C
  • Rated Voltage: 35KV
  • Product Packaging: 1 set/bag

Perfect for:

  • Power Transformer Installations
  • Switchgear Terminal Connections
  • Pole-mounted Transformers

What’s in the Box:

Each kit contains all necessary components for a complete 35KV three-core indoor cable termination, including stress control tape and grounding accessories.

Installation Benefits:

Our RSN-35 kit ensures uniform electric field distribution, thanks to its tailored stress control tape. The advanced double ground technology allows for separate grounding of cable steel armor and copper shield, enhancing operational reliability.

Quality Assurance:

Every RSN-35 kit undergoes rigorous testing at the renowned Wuhan Institute, guaranteeing top-notch performance and safety for your critical power infrastructure.

🔌 Ready to upgrade your cable terminations? and experience the difference of professional-grade heat shrink technology!

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