Medical Grade PTFE Tubing

  • WELLELE’s customized medical grade PTFE tubing is made from high purity PTFE raw material from Daikin, Japan, through an advanced production process to ensure that the tubing meets the strict requirements of the medical industry for product quality, safety, and biocompatibility. The PTFE tubing has excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance, withstanding strong acids, alkalis and other chemicals, and maintaining its physical structure at extreme temperatures. In addition, its low coefficient of friction and non-adhesive surface allow medical fluids or samples to pass safely and smoothly through the tubing, making it highly suitable for use in medical equipment, laboratory analysis, etc. WELLELE offers medical grade PTFE tubing that can be customized according to specific customer needs, including different diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths, to meet the needs of diverse medical applications. Through strict quality control and rich industry experience, WELLELE is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance professional solutions for the medical industry.

PTFE Medical Tubing

Name: 100% Teflon PTFE corrugated tubing PTFE Tubing | Medical Device Tubing | Medical Extrusion
PTFE Composite Tubes | Medical Grade TubingMinimally Invasive device material
. Flexible fluoropolymer tubing with unmatched chemical resistance and a non-stick surface that facilitates flow and eliminates media build-up. • Low coefficient of friction, anti-stick surface. • Inert material that is non-wetting and non-leachable. • Temperature range -240°C to + 260°C. • Can be sterilized with Ethylene Oxide or autoclave. • Odourless, non-toxic, translucent tube with low permeability.

PTFE Tubing Medical | Medical Device Tubing | Medical Extrusion PTFE Composite Tubes | Medical Grade Tubing Minimally Invasive device material Melt processable fluoropolymers such as perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) and fluorinated ethylene-propylene (FEP) have excellent low friction and flexibility properties required for many catheter applications. These materials are often selected for improved frictional properties over high-density polyethylene, and their frictional properties are approaching those of PTFE Medical Tubing.
Medical grade PTFE tubing,PTFE liner tubing

SAME Zeus PTFE tubing, PTFE extruded tubing, PTFE tubing thin wall

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Why Wellele ' s PTFE Medical Tubing

When selecting and using medical grade PTFE tubing, you may be frequently concerned about issues such as its biocompatibility, chemical resistance, physical properties (e.g., temperature and pressure resistance), product consistency and reliability, customization capability, and delivery time. These concerns reflect the high standards and quality of PTFE tubing demanded by the medical field, and WELLELE offers specialized solutions and assistance in these areas:

Biocompatibility: WELLELE ensures that all medical grade PTFE tubing is made from biocompatible materials, passing the relevant biocompatibility tests to ensure that it is safe for use in the medical field. Our report can be viewed.

Chemical resistance: WELLELE’s PTFE tubing has excellent chemical resistance and is able to withstand strong acids, bases and a wide range of organic solvents, making it ideally suited for use as a transfer medium in medical and laboratory applications.

Guaranteed Physical Properties: Through a meticulous production process, WELLELE guarantees that its PTFE tubing products have excellent temperature and pressure resistance to withstand the complexity of application scenarios in medical equipment and laboratory environments.

Consistency and Reliability: WELLELE implements a strict quality control system, from raw material purchasing to the production process, each step is meticulously inspected to ensure the consistency and reliability of each batch of products.

Customized services: Understanding the diversity of applications in the medical field, WELLELE provides comprehensive customized services, including pipe diameter, wall thickness, length, etc., to be able to meet the specific needs of customized solutions.

Fast delivery: WELLELE has efficient production lines and a good inventory management system, which can provide fast delivery services to meet customers’ urgent supply needs.

Technical and after-sales support: WELLELE not only provides high-quality products, but also provides professional technical support and considerate after-sales service to help customers solve any problems encountered in the process of use.

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