• WELLELE’s phenolic cotton fabric laminate is a polymer composite material made from cotton fabric as the reinforcing material and phenolic resin as the matrix material under high temperature and pressure. This material has good mechanical strength and wear resistance, as well as certain electrical insulation and chemical corrosion resistance. It is widely used in electrical equipment, mechanical components, and occasions that require wear resistance and compressive performance. WELLELE’s phenolic cotton fabric laminates are highly popular in the market due to their excellent performance and reliable quality, and are widely used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation. In addition, it also has good processing performance and can be cut, drilled, and polished as needed to meet different application requirements.



3025 PHENOLIC COTTON CLOTH LAMINATED SHEET are made of cotton cloth impregnated phenolic resin by processing under heat and pressure.


Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet material is the workhorse grade for general mechanical applications. It’s strong and tough with very good wear resistance and they are easy to machine into finished components.

It’s available with cotton fabric reinforcements, ranging from fine weave to coarse. In general, the medium to coarse wave grade is used for larger and more rugged components, requiring good all-around strength and toughness. The finer grade is chosen for its superior finish, higher dimensional stability, and improved strength in thin sections.

The electrical properties also tend to be superior in the finer weave grade, but the range includes a medium fabric weave, with enhanced electrical properties, suitable for the electromechanical application.

The three most widely used cotton fabric grades are 3025, 3025B, and 3025C.


Insulating structures or components for electrical machines and equipment.

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Excellent mechanical properties: WELLELE’s phenolic cotton cloth laminated board has excellent strength and hardness, can withstand high forces and pressures, and is suitable for applications that require high mechanical strength.
Good heat resistance: This material can maintain stable performance even in high temperature environments, is not easily deformed, and is suitable for use in environments with strict temperature requirements.
Excellent electrical insulation performance: It has excellent electrical insulation characteristics and is suitable for use in the field of electrical insulation, such as manufacturing various parts of electrical equipment such as transformers and motors.
Chemical corrosion resistance: able to resist the erosion of various chemical substances, increase service life, reduce maintenance costs, especially suitable for industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Processing convenience: conventional mechanical processing methods can be used for cutting, drilling, and other operations to meet specific size and shape requirements and improve production efficiency.
Reliable Brand Guarantee: As a well-known material manufacturer, WELLELE has a strict quality control system and excellent customer service, ensuring the high quality and stability of its products.
Choosing WELLELE’s phenolic cotton fabric laminated board not only meets the high standards of technology and performance requirements, but also enjoys the brand’s reliability and comprehensive service system, making it an ideal material choice for industrial applications.

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