epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet

Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheets.

Wellele Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated CE Sheet is designed for high-performance. They are a type of thermo-setting resin combining a phenolic resin material with cotton fabric providing a very high mechanical strength and durability in electrical insulating materials for mechanical parts subjected to heavy-wear situations. The custom thickness and many cutting widths make certain that you have the Pairfit You want in your style. Not to mention our quick on-time shipping, so you can reduce the no work and keep those projects on track.
Wellele also make phenolic canvas tube ,Phenolic fabric rod.

Experience for yourself the versatility and strength of our Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheets. These sheets are a great fit for industrial use, as they have customizable options besides high quality, ensuring you have the right sheets for any given project.

Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheets Features and Benefits:

. Available in red, black, orange, and custom colors which means you can choose what works for you most.

. Thickness: Comes in optional thicknesses from(0.5mm-100.0mm),wide 1020mm*2020mm 1220mm*2470mm

. Cut Multiple Sizes: Cut freely for exact fit

  • Electrical Insulation: Ideal for switchgear, transformers, and motor components.

  • Mechanical Parts: Perfect for gears, bearings, bushings, and wear parts.

  • Thermal Insulation: Suitable for appliances, ovens, and industrial equipment.

  • High Strength and Stability: Excellent for high-stress applications in aerospace and automotive industries.

  • Weather Resistance: Ideal for marine and construction uses, including boat hulls and structural panels

. Quick Delivery: Expedited delivery to ensure that your projects are able to progress

Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheets color

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