PVC Heat Shrink Sleeving

  • Wellele’s PVC heat shrink sleeving is a versatile material used for insulating, protecting, and bundling cables and wires. When exposed to heat, PVC heat shrink sleeving contracts tightly around the items it covers, providing a secure and protective barrier. This plastic PVC heat shrink sleeving sleeving is commonly used in electronics, automotive, and industrial applications to prevent abrasion, moisture damage, and electrical shorts. Its heat-shrink properties make installation easy and ensure a snug fit, offering an effective solution for cable management and protection.

PVC Heat Shrink Sleeving

PVC heat-shrink tubing is a versatile product known for its ability to shrink upon exposure to heat, available in a wide range of specifications. Its applications span various industries, including electronics, lighting, and electrical equipment. This tubing is commonly used for insulation, moisture protection, and beautification purposes, providing coverage for items such as aluminum and tantalum electrolytic capacitors, electronic components, power cord connectors, and rechargeable batteries.

The tubing’s dimensions range from Φ2 to Φ338mm , with a maximum width of 530mm and thickness varying from 0.05mm to 0.5mm. Its role extends beyond functionality to aesthetics, offering a visually appealing finish while safeguarding against moisture, corrosion, and dust. Furthermore, the PVC heat-shrinkable tubing is environmentally friendly, having undergone SGS testing to ensure compliance with the RoHS directive, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances like cadmium, lead, and mercury.

WELLELE’S PVC heat shrinkable tubing goes a step further by allowing surface printing for text or patterns, enhancing its utility for identification and anti-counterfeiting purposes. This product boasts excellent flexibility, mechanical strength, dielectric properties, flame resistance, and low-temperature shrinkage. It finds widespread use in protecting outgoing wires of electrical appliances, motors, sensors, transformers, bundled wires, and electronic components, as well as gas and liquid pipelines.

In summary, PVC heat-shrinkable tubing is a reliable and versatile solution that not only meets functional requirements but also offers customizable features for enhanced utility and protection in various industrial applications.

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