SMC Sheet Molding Compound

SMC Sheet Molding Compound from unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced sheet molding compound,molding sheet products


SMC Sheet Molding Compound


(1) Higher mechanical strength
(2) Excellent leak-proof electrical
(3) Beautiful appearance, long service life

Insulation sheets SMC Sheets

SMC (Sheet molding compound) insulation sheet from unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced sheet molding compound, molding sheet products

SMC Sheet Molding Compound specification
Color: white, red
Thickness: 1.0mm-50mm
Spot goods size(width and length): 1020mm×2040mm

Professional production & Processing services SMC Sheet Molding Compound
(1) According to customer demand, production, and processing of various machinery and electrical electric equipment parts
(2) Undertake the works of reaction tank, plating tank,purifying-tank, electrolyzer, and the like

Product processing solutions
Sawing, drilling, milling, turning, routing, carving,die-cutting, shearing with different tools or machines

SMC DMC Sheet Molding Compound characteristics
1. Base attribute
(1) Higher mechanical strength
(2) Excellent leak-proof electrical
(3) Excellent thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance
(4) Low water absorption, good dimensional stability, warpage small
(5) Reliable arc resistance and voltage withstand, high dielectric strength

2. Advantages SMC Sheet Molding Compound
(1) Solution of wood steel plastic meter box easy to aging, easy corrosion, poor insulation, poor cold resistance, poor flame retardant, the short life of the shortcomings
(2) Absolute seal waterproof performance, corrosion resistance
(3) Beautiful appearance, long service life

SMC DMC Sheet Molding Compound application
1. Application in the automobile industry
(1) Suspension parts, front and rear bumpers, instrument panels, and the like
(2) Car body and body parts,body shell,hard shell roof,floors,car doors,cooling air grille panels,fore plate,spoiler,luggage hatch cover,sun shade,SMC fender, engine bonnet,headlight reflector
(3) The engine cover underparts such as air conditioner shell: windshield, the intake manifold cover, Fan vanes ring, heater cover, tank parts, brake system components, and the Battery bracket, engine noise barriers, and so on

2. Application in electric industry and communication engineering
(1) Electrical housings:electrical switch box,SMC electrical wiring boxes,dashboard cover,etc
(2) Electric elements and electrical parts:SMC insulator,insulated tools,motor cover,etc

3.Application in rail vehicles
SMC railway vehicles, window frames, bathroom components, seat, coffee table tops, SMC compartment wall, and SMC roof

4.Application in architectural engineering
Water tank bathes the thing, purifies the trough, building templates, the storage component

5.Application in the explosion-proof electrical equipment shell

6.Applications in wireless communications

7.Application of in the bathroom

8.Application in ground