Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

It is made of high quality materials with excellent arc extinguishing performance. In the event of current overload or fault, the product can quickly suppress and extinguish the arc to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment. Synthetic arc extinguishing fuse tubes have reliable fusing characteristics and are resistant to high temperatures, voltage shocks and chemical corrosion. Widely used in electric power systems, industrial equipment and electronic products, providing an efficient and reliable solution for circuit protection.

Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Advantage: Replacement of the traditional C-type fuse tube lined with bone fiber. The core of this “Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube” is made of a proprietary formula that consists of polyester fiber, epoxy, and Aluminum Tri Hydrate (ATH).

Benefit: The presence of an Arc caused by the melting of a fuse link erodes the core of an expulsion fuse. The carbon fragments react with water in the arc extinguishing material formed carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and other gases. These gases increased pressure within the fuse tube and expel the debris from the fuse tube. With each removal of the arcing debris, the dielectric strength inside the fuse tube is re-established but weaken, enabling it to extinguish the arc next time around. This repetitive Arc extinguishing erodes and shortens the life span of the bone fiber.

The Arc Extinction of Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Aluminum Tri Hydrate (ATH) filler is used as the water source in the Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube. The amount of filler is controlled to provide just the right amount of water for efficient interruption and extinction of Arc. The epoxy matrix used in the synthetic core has a high resistance to moisture absorption from humidity. The moisture content, and therefore the interrupting ability of this system is not affected by ambient humidity,

During the interruption of an arc, polymer fragments are eroded from the core, which fed into the plasma of the arc and converted into arc extinguishing gases by reaction with water. The erosion of the core is just sufficient to interrupt the arc. Any erosion in excess of this amount is wasteful and generates unneeded gases and results in increased expulsion forces.

The epoxy chemistry is controlled to generate the optimum size and quantity of polymer fragments for efficient interruption at both low and high currents, thus more efficient in Arc extinction and deliver a longer product life span. The amount of filler is controlled to provide just the right amount of water for efficient interruption

Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Quality Assurance: The quality assurance of raw materials (eliminating the inferior quality, thus ensuring the arc performance and stability), strictly control tolerance and concentricity in the production process. The world’s biggest fuses are the best proof of our choice!

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Why Wellele ' s Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube

Choosing WELLELE’s synthetic interrupters provides the following advantages for your fuses: Firstly, WELLELE synthetic interrupters are made of high-quality materials with excellent arc extinguishing performance, which can quickly inhibit and extinguish arcs to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment. Secondly, the synthetic interrupter has reliable fusing characteristics, which can cut off the circuit in time to avoid equipment damage and accidents when current overload and fault occur. In addition, the product is resistant to high temperature, voltage shock and chemical corrosion, which is suitable for a variety of environments and application scenarios.As a reliable supplier, WELLELE provides high-quality synthetic interrupters with good after-sales service and technical support. Choosing WELLELE’s synthetic interrupter products will guarantee the reliability, safety and durability of your fuse selection.

Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube VS Vulcanized fiber composite fiberglass tube .Pls look at this document.

The inner tube of the ” Synthetic Arc

Quenching liner ” is formed by winding and

curing the polymer yarn outer layer epoxy

glass wire at one time. The inner and outer

layers are closely combined, the production

is convenient, and the production process is


“Synthetic ” are materials that are manufactured by synthetic or modified means, rather than as they exist in nature. Such materials are usually made from a combination of different raw materials and have specific properties and uses. The preparation of synthetic materials involves chemical or physical methods designed to achieve specific mechanical, chemical, or thermal properties to meet specific needs and applications. Common synthetic materials include plastics, alloys, synthetic fibers, rubber, etc., and are used in a wide variety of industrial, construction and consumer product manufacturing

Some of the key concerns regarding the procurement of synthetic materials include:

1. Synthetic Material performance : Whether the characteristics and performance of the synthetic materials meet the requirements, such as strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on.

2. synthetic materials Quality certification: Whether the supplier has the relevant quality certification to ensure that the quality of the synthetic material meets the standards.

3. synthetic materials Stability of supply : Whether the supplier’s continuous supply ability and delivery time are stable to avoid production interruption.

4. synthetic materials Cost-effectiveness: Consider the balance between the price and quality of synthetic materials to ensure that procurement is cost-effective.

5. synthetic materials Environmental standards: Pay attention to the environmental performance of synthetic materials to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

6. synthetic materials Service support: Whether the supplier provides timely after-sales service and support to solve potential problems.

7. synthetic materials Supply Chain Reliability : Consider the reliability and stability of the supplier’s supply chain to avoid potential risks.

8. synthetic materials innovation capability: focus on the supplier’s ability to innovate and provide new synthetic materials to meet evolving needs.

9.WELLELE’s synthetic material fuse tube, the raw material is imported from Japan, the process after years of research and development tests and put into a large number of practical use, and obtain national patents. It has specialized production line and years of skilled workers to produce and control. It is the only partner in China who can determine the long-term order after several years of use by ABB EATON and other companies.

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