PTFE /TEFLON heat shrink tubing

  • Wellele’s Teflon/ptfe heat shrink tubing is a high performance heat shrink material utilizing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a raw material. The product is known for its excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, high pressure and insulation. With a wide range of operating temperatures, from -65°C to +260°C, it is capable of maintaining consistent performance in extreme environments.Wellele’s Teflon heat shrink tubing has excellent anti-aging properties and a long service life. In addition, the product has excellent fire resistance and flame retardancy, and is widely used in electrical and electronic, aerospace, and medical equipment applications, providing an ideal solution for protecting cable connections, insulation treatments, and dimensional restoration.Teflon heat shrink tubing is a high-performance, versatile, reliable, and safe product that meets the needs of a wide range of complex application environments. Contact Wellele for 4:1 PTFE /TEFLON heat shrink tubing, 2:1 PTFE /TEFLON heat shrink pipe, and cost-effective fast delivery.

PTFE /TEFLON heat shrink tubing

Characteristics of PTFE / TEFLON heat shrink tubing:

High temperature resistance: able to withstand a temperature range of -65°C to +260°C, suitable for high temperature environments.
Chemical stability: resistant to most chemicals and solvents, including acids, alkalis and organic solvents.
Electrical insulation: superior insulation properties for demanding electrical applications.
Water and Moisture Resistance: Non-absorbent, providing good resistance to moisture.
Low coefficient of friction: PTFE has an extremely low coefficient of friction, allowing it to be used in applications where reduced drag is required.
UV Resistant: Will not deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Non-Adhesive Surface: Surfaces are less likely to adhere to other substances, making them easier to clean and maintain.
Flame retardant: Safe and reliable with self-extinguishing properties.

PTFE / TEFLON Heat Shrinkable Tubing Application Areas:
Electrical and electronic industry: for cable protection, insulation, and circuit board protection in high temperature or harsh chemical environments.
Aerospace: for insulation and protection needs in extreme environments.
Medical Devices: For the protection of medical devices due to its high biocompatibility and ease of cleaning.
Chemical industry: used as corrosion protection and insulation in the handling and transportation of chemicals.
Automotive industry: for thermal protection of engines and electrical systems.

PTFE / TEFLON Heat Shrink Tubing Specifications:

Heat shrink ratios: common heat shrink ratios include 2:1 and 4:1.
I.D. Sizes: from very thin millimeters to tens of millimeters, contact wellele for customized I.D. sizes for specific applications.
Thicknesses: Different wall thicknesses are available depending on the requirements of the environment in which they are to be used. We can customize a wide range of thin-walled PTFE / TEFLON heat shrink tubing.
Length: Can be cut to specific lengths to suit different applications.

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Why Wellele ' s Teflon Heat Shrink Tubing

Selection requires consideration of the unshrunk inner diameter and the size of the target item to be covered after heat shrink. Typically, the unshrunk inner diameter should be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the item to be covered.

Installation usually requires a heat gun or other heat source to ensure uniform shrinkage of the material. Unlike other materials, PTFE requires a higher shrinkage temperature.


PTFE / TEFLON is extremely resistant to most chemicals and solvents, including acids, alkalis and many organic solvent

Yes, PTFE heat shrink tubing has excellent electrical insulation properties and is suitable for electrical insulation in high frequency, high voltage and high temperature environments.

PTFE has an extremely low coefficient of friction, which gives it good abrasion resistance and makes it suitable for applications where reduced friction is required.

The main applications are in the electrical and electronics industry, aerospace, medical equipment, chemical processing and automotive industry.

Prices vary depending on gauge size, heat shrink ratio, quantity purchased and supplier. Generally, due to its superior physical and chemical properties, PTFE / TEFLON is priced higher as compared to other heat shrink tubing materials. wellele, in order to expand its popularity, always adheres to the model of the best price/performance ratio to assist you in the market.

Once you have received your PTFE / TEFLON heat shrink tubing, you should store it in a dry, cool environment away from direct sunlight to maintain its performance and prolong its life

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