Protective fuse body tube

The protective fuse body tube


The protective fuse body tube

Electric vehicle charging pile fuse, fuse is widely used in the high and low voltage distribution systems and control systems as well.

In electrical equipment, as a protector of short circuits and over-current, a Protective fuse body tube, is one of the widely used protective devices.

1. The protection characteristics of the fuse should adapt to the overload characteristics of the protected object. Considering the possible short-circuit current, the fuse with corresponding breaking capacity should be selected;

2. The rated voltage of the fuse should adapt to the line voltage level, and the rated current of the fuse should be greater than or equal to the rated current of the fuse;

3. The melt of the fuse should be matched according to the requirements. It is not allowed to increase the melt arbitrarily or replace the melt with other conductors.

Patrol inspection of electric vehicle charging pile fuse:

  1. Check whether the rated value of fuse and melt matches with the protected equipment

2. Check the appearance of the fuse for damage and deformation, and whether the porcelain insulation part has flickering discharge traces

3. Check whether the contact points of the fuse are in good condition, close contact, and overheating

4. Whether the fuse signal indicator is normal.

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