Tubo exterior of Fusibles Limitadores de Corriente

Tubo exterior
Esta parte del fusible debe resistir a los siguientes efectos:
· Esfuerzos térmicos: tiene que resistir a los elevados e instantáneos calentamientos
desarrollados cuando el arco está siendo evitado.
· Esfuerzos dieléctricos: el tubo exterior tiene que resistir las sobretensiones originadas durante
el corte.
· Esfuerzos mecánicos: el tubo exterior tiene que resistir el aumento de la presión producida en el
interior del fusible en el momento del corte.

Outer tube
This part of the fuse must withstand the following effects:

  • Thermal stresses: it has to withstand the high and instantaneous heatings
    developed when the arc is being avoided.
  • Dielectric stresses: the outer tube has to resist the overvoltages originated during the cutting.
  • Mechanical stresses: the outer tube has to withstand the increase in pressure produced inside the fuse at the moment of the
    inside the fuse when the fuse is cut.

Current Limiting Fuses tube

We make Current Limiting Fuses tube / Tubo exterior of Fusibles Limitadores de Corriente as

It is made of high quality glass fiber impregnated with ultra-low viscosity high temperature resistant epoxy resin and cross-wound under microcomputer control. It is a high quality insulated pipe fitting for manufacturing high voltage fuse, extra high voltage SF6 high voltage electrical apparatus and compound hollow casing for current transformer. Epoxy glass fiber winding tube is made of uninterrupted fiber wet winding, specially developed for structural parts of high-voltage electrical equipment such as reactors, lightning arresters, fuses, mutual inductors, on-load tap-changers, transformers, etc.

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