Best Media Source Of Vulcanized Fiber (Fish Paper) Fiber Sanding Discs Fiberglass-backed Sanding Discs


Balancing The Highest Surface Finishing And The Fastest Material Removal

Fiber sanding discs use red green dark Vulcanized Fiber (Fish Paper) for its tear-free base material, providing an exceptional surface finish while removing material quickly. This post will help you to know not only the unique properties, benefits, applications, and properties of the fish paper (Discovery of fish paper), but also the fish paper used in plant fiber grinding wheels, and which place needs its application,Wellele will explain why the use of fish paper as an abrasive grit is critical to create better finishes and precision in the removal of material from substrate to substrate.Fish Paper (Vulcanised Fibre) is another abrasion resistant paper pulp board that has inherent characteristics that make it desirable for use in a fiber backed grinding discs.

1.High Compressive Strength and Durability Vulcanised paper is a multifunctional product and one that is perhaps best rated for its exceptional strength and durability. It can take quite a few scratches without breaking and tearing and it does not deform even under rough sanding. It has been engineered to endure for a long time in unconventional applications.. Fiber sand disc work better as they provide higher speed, cut rate, and finish due to its strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance.

2 Flexibility and Conformability: Despite being a hard and stiff substrate, vulcano fibre is flexible and conformable enough to allow fiber sanding discs to conform to contoured surfaces. The flexibility of cloths, which permits cloths to remove material uniformly across an irregularly-shaped workpiece, also create the potential for finishing scratches to be very small. the construction, our fiber sanding discs are indeed versatile and can be used in many industries, making them flexible and adaptable for a diverse number of sanding jobs across industry and materials.

3 Fish paper has good abrasion resistance, hence with fiber resin bonded sanding discs the disc can last longer wear life while keeping the discs aggressive over their life-use period. The resultant is that discs wear much less and therefore discs, which are abrasive, decrease downtime and are more efficient.7.

4. Reliability and Safety – Vulcanized resistant to heat and chemical better the security of fiber sanding disc, less the broken of discs and the damage of work piece and injury of workers .Chemical, Oil, Solvent, and Heat Resistant genuine national vulcanized trunk fibre that has natural resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents, and heat, suitable for the harshest industrial conditions. It is designed to have quality and reliability in challenging environments, so it should keep the application operations running smoothly.

5 Vulcanized Paper Low Thermal Conductivity: When you start heating the vulcanized paper the heat starts to stay in it, always the heat doesn’t dissipate by practicing a thermal conduct that fishes the heat directly it causes a thermal buildup which you try to make the stuff give high amp to disperse the heat and it would just flame burst after 30-40 sec. FeaturesHigh-heat resistant bits, they stay sharpUnique bit designStays sharp longWon’t lose tipNo down timeLong life

6 This four-disc product is four 16-inch sanding discs (16-inch diameter x 5/8″), vulcanized fiber that extends disc life with its performance and durability and allows longer, multiple sanding disc reuse thus lowering maintenance expenditures.Fiber sanding discs with vulcanised fiber are made to meet your material to be used a model of style and also sizes as well. Some of the more common disc sizes include 24, 26, 30, 36, 38, 42, 50, 100mm and others, although they can be produce in any size. Size common in the U.S.: 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 12″, 14″. These can additionally be customised with: heat dissipation, non-loading, and wet sanding requirements.

Applications Nestled in Fiber Sanding Discs: Fiber sanding discs, as you can guess, are a used across many sectors of industry.

A :Metal working: SANDING DISCS Jackets of vulcanized fibre are flexibil as well as immune to ignition, supplying them as a carrier for rubber-bonded abrasives to wear and to tone steel in the wear shop, vehicle body store, airplane manufacture, ship industries, etc.

For example, sand and finish woodworking projects made from wood where these are then painted or stained after the final clear coating: Woodworking: Vulcanized Fiber (Fish Paper) back fiber discs for wood sanding applications..

B :Building and Construction: Fiber sanding discs made with vulcanized fiber (fish paper) are used to prepare surfaces by removing paint, rust, coatings from concrete, steel and others forming materials.

C: Automotive: Vulcanized fiber (fish paper) fiber sanding discs are lightweight and strong and are ideal for automotive refinish work on primer, paint and clear coat surface sanding applications during body repair and restoration projects.

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