Wear rings  Fibre seals

Wear rings Fibre seals made from vulcanized fibre

Wear rings  Fibre seals made from vulcanized fibre wellele.com

The vulcanized fibre seal, also often referred to as fibre seal, consists of a hard, non-splintering composite material based on cellulose. Paper fibres are used as the raw material for the production of vulcanized fibre, which makes the vulcanized fibre sealing rings very sustainable. The fibre seal material is a gasoline-resistant seal, has high mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. In addition, the light, easily malleable, elastic and yet hard fibre material is antistatic and insensitive to

diluted alkalis, acids, fats and oils. Sealing rings made of vulcanized fibre are used, for example, in heating, sanitary and drinking water installations, solar technology, the automotive industry and in plant and mechanical engineering. 

You can get the fibre seals from us, for example in the form of sheets, as individual water jet cuts or as vulcanized fibre sealing rings according to DIN 7603. We deliver in high quality from a quantity of  wellele vucanized fiber

  • High quality seals made of vulcanized fibre 
  • Flat seals, round seals and square seals made of vulcanized fibre 
  • Sealing rings according to DIN 7603 
  • Sheet goods 
  • From 1 unit 
  • Individual dimensions and customised sizes 
  • Different resistances 
  • Highest quality  
  • Wear rings  vulcanized fibre  With arc quenching, temperature resistance, wear resistance and good dimensional stability, as bushings, guide rings, support rings, power tool bushings
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