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vulcanized fiber composite fiberglass tube

All you need to know about vulcanized fiber composite fiberglass tube vulcanized fiber composite fiberglass tube is made of alkali-free glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin wrapped around vulcanized fiber tube and cured by high temperature. The inner tube is vulcanized fiber tube and the outer tube is FRP layer. The inner tube (vulcanized fiber tube) […]

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melamine tubing

melamine tubes china Manufacturer well ele

All you need to know about melamine tubes Melamine tubes are made from a continuous glass weave substrate impregnated with a melamine resin binder. Melamine is the hardest of all laminates and exhibits good dimensional stability and arc resistance, and is also corrosion resistant. We are the leading expert in […]

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NEMA Laminated & china’model insulate sheet IEC

NEMA Laminated & china’model insulate sheet IEC Laminated products model description1、The phenolic paper laminate of 3020 This model product actually has two standards, one of which is JB/T8149.1-2000, and the other is GB1302–77, that is, the new standard and the old standard, according to the national regulations once the new standard […]

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Composite insulating materials

Insulating materials Inorganic-Organic-Composite insulating materials

Insulating materials Inorganic-Organic-Mixed insulating materials are divided into three categories.  (1) Inorganic insulating materials: mica, porcelain, asbestos, marble, glass, sulfur, etc. Used for winding insulation of motors and electrical appliances, insulating materials switch base plates and insulators, etc.  (2) Organic insulating materials: rubber, resin, insect glue, cotton yarn paper, hemp, silk, rayon […]

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melamine tube EV Fuse

what is Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing ?

Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing is referred to as melamine insulation tube. Because of its high rigidity, shock resistance, arc flame resistance and excellent electrical insulation performance in humid environments, it is widely used in high current fuse tubes, lightning arrester porcelain bushing etc.The technology of the Glass Melamine Laminate […]

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