melamine tube

What applications of melamine tubes?

The melamine glass cloth melting tube as name G5 G9 melamine tube produced by WELL Electric company The self-developed raw materials are used to produce melamine tubes for fuses with new technology and special automation equipment has higher density, higher resistance to high temperature, more arc resistance, smooth appearance and […]

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Tubo exterior of Fusibles Limitadores de Corriente

Tubo exteriorEsta parte del fusible debe resistir a los siguientes efectos:· Esfuerzos térmicos: tiene que resistir a los elevados e instantáneos calentamientosdesarrollados cuando el arco está siendo evitado.· Esfuerzos dieléctricos: el tubo exterior tiene que resistir las sobretensiones originadas duranteel corte.· Esfuerzos mecánicos: el tubo exterior tiene que resistir el […]

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mylar tube

How to choose PE and PVC heat-shrinkable tubing?

Thermally shrinkable sleeve is divided into PVC thermally shrinkable sleeve, PE thermally shrinkable sleeve, PTFE thermally shrinkable sleeve, PVDF thermally shrinkable sleeve, EPDM thermally shrinkable sleeve, etc., among which PE thermally shrinkable sleeve is close to PVC thermally shrinkable sleeve. Today, we will analyze whether PE thermally shrinkable sleeve is […]

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