melamine tubing

What applications of melamine tubes?

The melamine glass cloth melting tube as name G5 G9 melamine tube produced by WELL Electric company The self-developed raw materials are used to produce melamine tubes for fuses with new technology and special automation equipment has higher density, higher resistance to high temperature, more arc resistance, smooth appearance and good size consistency. At the same time, it improves the processing efficiency, increases the output and reduces the cost.and have broad market application prospects.

Melamine tube is widely used in fuse tube with high current and porcelain bushing for lightning arrester because of its high rigidity, seismic resistance, arc resistance and excellent electrical insulation performance in humid environment.Melamine tube are best MV LV fuse tube on outdoor AS EV FUSE ,SOLAR FUSE ,TV FUSE etcs,Telecom Fuse,Medium Voltage Fuses,Semiconductor Fuse

Now WELL making Melamine tube supplier for SIBA DF etcs

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