reasons for the fuse to blow

What are the reasons for the fuse to blow

reasons for the fuse to blow

Reasons for the fuse to blow

According to the common sense and experience of the author, the main causes of fuse blow are as follows:

A. Overload. The household electricity load is too large, causing overload so that the fuse is blown. This is especially true in the use of

It is easy to appear when an air conditioner, electric heater, or other high-power electrical appliances are added.

B. Poor contact. In some families, although the fuse selection is more reasonable, the load is not too big, can be used. Air conditioners, electric heaters, rice cookers, and other large power appliances will “trip”.The reason may be that during the installation and replacement of the fuse, the poor contact between the fuse and the plug screw causes the ignition and heating, and the screw fixing the fuse on the porcelain plug and switch knife is oxidized and “burnt out”.

C. Short circuit. If the fuse is replaced, a switch on the “trip”, maybe a short circuit. The first is the short circuit. The second is load short circuit, such as electric kettle, rice cooker and other commonly used larger power electrical appliances and commonly used mobile electrical appliances, as well as inferior electrical appliances, are prone to short circuit fault.

are the reasons for the fuse to blow

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