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what is Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing ?

Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing is referred to as melamine insulation tube. Because of its high rigidity, shock resistance, arc flame resistance and excellent electrical insulation performance in humid environments, it is widely used in high current fuse tubes, lightning arrester porcelain bushing etc.The technology of the Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing has been monopolized by foreign companies, and the technology of domestic companies has not been perfect. After three years of research and development, our company has applied for a number of patents and is now in production.Melamine insulated tube has the following advantages:- A Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing is smooth inside and outside.- A glass fiber cloth is densely dipped, and the tube fittings are semi-transparent.- One section is fine and smooth, without thread leakage.- A Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing size can be customized according to customer needs Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing.

NameParameter Glass Melamine Laminate tube-Melamine tubing
MaterialMelamine resin, alkali-free glass cloth
Volume resistivity> 1.0×10 / Ω.m
Vertical layer direction electric strength6KV / m
Axial bending strength≥ 400MPa
Arc resistance≥ 180 / S
Insulation resistance≥ 105M Ω
Water absorption rate≤ 2%
Material density1.65 – 1.9g/cm3 (customizable)
Flame RetardancyMeets UL94-V0 vertical burning and GB/T2408 vertical and horizontal burning
Airtightness≥ 0 2MPa, pressure holding for 1 min, water seeping out evenly on the surface, no local spraying
Temperature resistance150℃/long term, 180℃/2h, without deformation, stratification and cracking
Compressive strengthgreater than 70MPa
Environmental protectionin line with EU RoHS directive requirements
AppearanceThe surface is uniform, smooth and uniform in color. Tightly wound, no interlayer, winding pattern, no bubbles, no white spots, and overall no burrs
SizeAccording to customer requirements
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