construction of the fuse

What is the construction of the fuse?

Construction of the Fuse

construction of the fuse

Construction of the Fuse, The general fuse consists of three parts: first, the fuse, which is the core of the fuse; second, the electrode, usually two, which is an important part of the fuse and circuit connection, it must have good electrical conductivity, should not produce significant installation contact resistance; third, the bracket part, the fuse is usually slim and soft, the role of the bracket is to fix the fuse and make the three parts of the rigid whole! Easy to install, use, it must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance, and flame retardant, in use should not produce fracture, deformation, burning, and short circuit phenomenon; power circuit and high-power equipment used by the fuse, not only the general fuse of the three parts, but also the arc-extinguishing device, because such fuses not only protect the circuit working current is large, and when the melt occurs when the two ends of the fuse, the fuse is not only the fuse but also the fuse of the two ends of the fuse. The reason for this is that at the moment of fusing, the arcing occurs between the two electrodes of the fuse under the influence of voltage and current. The arc-extinguishing device must have strong insulation and good thermal conductivity, and negative electrical properties. Quartz sand is the commonly used arc extinguishing material.

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