fuse breaking ability?

What is the meaning of fuse breaking ability?

fuse breaking ability?

Fuse Breaking Ability

Fuse Breaking Ability The fuse shall operate satisfactorily when the current between the conventional non-fusing current and the rated breaking capacity specified in the relevant standard is applied to the fuse. The expected fault current of the circuit in which the fuse is placed must be less than the rated interrupting the capacity current of the standard specification. Selection of Fuses

Fuse Breaking Ability, This allows the user to establish guidelines for selecting the appropriate fuse tube for the component, circuit or device to be protected. Fuse tubes can be selected by the following process.

  1. Considerations Determine the safety certification of the fuse tube according to the required safety certification of the whole machine, where the fuse tube can be initially decided to IEC or UL specifications.

2. Space limitations in the circuit at the time of design.

3. Installation method.

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