mylar tube Electric vehicles

What type of insulated protection sleeves are used in electric vehicles?

  1. Glass fiber tube, there are high temperature resistant glass fiber tube (also known as fixed grain tube), silicone glass fiber tube, silicone rubber glass fiber casing.
  2. silicone tubing as well as silicone heat shrink tubing.
  3. Heat shrinkable tube with rubber, i.e. double-walled tube, mainly used in automotive oil delivery system piping, brake system piping, wire harness wrapping.
  4. corrugated tube: PA6 nylon corrugated tube, PE polyethylene corrugated tube, PP polypropylene corrugated tube.
  5. Heat-shrinkable marking tubes, cable marking cards, used in automotive wiring harness marking identification.
  6. Special heat shrinkable tubes, such as high temperature resistant Teflon tubes, etc

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