fuse holder fiberglass tube

Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Tube, Combination Tube, Fuse Tube, Fuse Holder .

They are then going through puring, drying, rolling, grinding, and sanding processes to get desired inside and outside diameters. Vulcanized fiber tube has a density around 1.40 g/cm3.

Combination tube is also called fuse tube, and features Multiwind liner that’s virtually impervious to water ingress.

Special UV-resistant finish assures long life.

Vulcanized fiber tube is manufactured by winding zinc chloride treated paper on making mandrel to the predetermined wall thickness.

It has good physical properties, mechanical properties, dielectric strength, arc resistance, and arc-quenching characteristics.

drop out fuse cutout
High voltage fiberglass fuse tube for fuse cutout is made of alkali-free glass fabric and binded with epoxy resin, in heat-rolling and tightening, baking and curing, with high mechanical property and stable electrical property in high humidity, suitable for being used as insulation structural parts of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.
Inner: vulcanized fiber tubes
Outer:fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin winding tubes
Surface: UV resistant insulation Painting
100A: 25.4×19×13(mm) 25.4×19.05×d12.7(mm)
200A: 36 ×26×16(mm) 31.8 ×24×16(mm)
3.Length: Max 1270mm
4.Process: Vulcanized fiber tube was wrapped by fiber glass impregnate epoxy resin ,The angle of wind is optimized to provide a
finished tube with good tensile and anti explosion strength.Vulcanized fiber tube becomes an integral tube liner which have the
property of gas-generating and arc-quenching characteristics. Epoxy resin fiberglass tube property of strength and water
resistance. The fiberglass tube is usually coated with UV resistant paint in gray color.
5.Advantage: no-spark generating, char layer forming to prevent liner from excessive ablation, and the optimum amount of arc-quenching gas generating.
6.Application :The main application of fiberglass tube is used in expulsion fuse tube cutout for interrupting high voltage AC circuits during power surge

, high voltage cutout fuse liners, lightning arresters, grommets, insulators, and bushings.

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