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Why melamine tubes suitable for solar fuse , Telecom Fuse,Medium Voltage Fuses,Semiconductor Fuse ?

Why melamine tubes are more suitable for circuit protection fuses in electric vehicles, solar energy and transmitter stations?

Usually fuses require an outer casing with automatic arc extinguishing performance material . In the past, vulcanized fiber tubes , ceramic tubes , composite tubes were used . But the vulcanized fiber tubes , body because it is made of cotton fiber, not waterproof, easy to burn at high temperatures, and the tube body is not easy to process. Although the ceramic tube body is the traditional fuse preferred, but its material is easy to brittle, harsh climate is also easy to break, and not easy to process any thread .

And melamine tube is the hardest arc extinguishing melamine resin and electronic glass fiber material high temperature synthesis. After the synthesis of glass fiber material melamine tube body is easy to process, and waterproof and impact-proof, even at high temperatures of 180 degrees can also be used for a long time.

The above characteristics make many medium-voltage fuses gradually use melamine tube body instead of melamine tube body as SOLAR FUSE , Telecom Fuse,Medium Voltage Fuses,Semiconductor Fuse.

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