electric vehicles fuse charger

Why the electric vehicles fuse charger does not charge.

electric vehicles fuse charger

Electric Vehicles Fuse Charger

  1. If the charger fuse is burnt out, all indicator lights of the charger are not on at this time, the fuse must be replaced.

2. If the battery pack is disconnected, connect the battery cable.

3. Electric vehicles fuse charger If the charger plug and battery socket are not connected in place, they should be re-connected.

4. If the charger is broken, the fuse of the charger is normal, and the output voltage of the charger should be zero by measuring with a multimeter.

Note: we use intelligent charger.It has the function of under voltage and over-voltage protection

Automatic power off and shutdown.In this case, the motor is first charged and then disconnected.

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